Music Andrew Abrams

Lyrics Joan Ross Sorkin

“Kiss Me, Santa”

Vocalist Gabrielle Lee

Piano Robby Stamper



Birdland, NYC (2004); Donnell Library Theatre, NYC (2005); The Zipper, NYC (2007); Broadway Baby Bistro, NYC (2008); Don’t Tell Mama, NYC (2012)*


Listing in the Directory of Contemporary Musical Theatre Writers,

(sheet music for purchase on-line)


*2012 Songwriters’ Showcase “Are You Working On Something New? #4” (also included “An Ordinary Girl” from Go Green!)

Music Adrienne Albert

Lyrics Joan Ross Sorkin

“Upside-Down Wish List”



Donnell Library Theatre, NYC (2004);

Opia, NYC (2005)

Music John Prestianni

Lyrics Joan Ross Sorkin

“Festival of Lights”

Vocalists Zach Landes

& Samantha Grenell-Zaidman

Piano John Prestianni



Lincoln Center Library Theatre, NYC (2008)

Music Ritt Henn

Lyrics Joan Ross Sorkin

“Me Home On The Street”

Vocalist Kevin Loreque

Ukulele Ritt Henn



The Salon at the Algonquin, NYC (2008); Broadway Baby Bistro, NYC (2008)