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My job as a playwright is to entertain, educate and emotionally challenge the audience. Each work is a call to action, whether it be to storm the barricades, seek acceptance, or merely to love.

latest news

On July 1, 2020 I finished writing This Is Serious, a new two-part, four- character COVID-19 play, adaptable for a digital platform in the new world of Zoom. The play explores the stress on family relationships in a time of crisis. Set in New Rochelle, NY, the play revolves around the Granville family (mother, father, college-age son and his Latinx girlfriend), first in early March when New Rochelle is the epicenter of the pandemic, and two and a half months later at the end of  May when the Black Lives Matter protests erupt after the killing of George Floyd. Life and death hang in the balance. Part I (Between A Rock and A Hard Place) and Part II (Double Whammy) can be presented individually or together.


More exciting news:

Ken Davenport's Theatermakers Studio will be presenting a free Zoom reading of This Is Serious on October 8 at 5pm. Food insecurity during the pandemic is addressed in the play, so I am proud to announce that the reading will benefit Feeding Westchester. Please give generously. The reading is directed by Nick Corley, and the cast includes Emily Skinner, Stephen Bogardus, Ben Fankhauser, and Yarissa Tiara Millan. Contact me through my Contact page to request a Zoom link.